Meditation Group on August 7, 2010

First, if you need to refresh your ideas about meditation, please refer to our Meditation Guide 1: Beginning Meditation.

During this session, we introduced concentration (“escaping” the normal) and mindfulness (“facing” it) types of meditation … well, just scratched the surface.  This distinction is very useful to understand what we can expect from these different types of meditation.  It is also useful to classify and understand diverse meditation practices found in the world.  Buddhist traditions are most prominent in clearly distinguishing yet integrating these two types in their practice.  Many others lean toward concentration.  Modern therapeutic approaches, including stress and pain management, increasingly integrate mindfulness meditation.  There are a few, e.g., Kurishnamurti, which practice mindfulness exclusively.  Fore more information, please consult our Meditation Guide 2: Concentration and Mindfulness.

During the next session on Saturday, August 28 (2-3pm at the Lawrence Community Center [map]), we will try mindfulness meditation.  There are many ways to do this, and the one described in the guide may not be the most common.  However, it emphasizes the contrast between concentration and mindfulness.  If we decide to practice more mindfulness meditation in future sessions, we can certainly try different flavors.

For the links to the recommended books (available at the library), sample meditation web sites, free local meditation activities, etc., please visit our group page.  If you have questions/comments/suggestions, please leave a comment so that other participants can share yours.

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