Facilitator Comment: Calligraphy for Beginners

On Saturday August 14th, the Mercer Free School held a calligraphy class at the Ewing Public Library. There were 5 attendees in addition to the instructor, Pravin Philip. Two of the attendees were children and the other three adults.

Calligraphy is not just about making your handwriting look good. It brings into play two little known
aspects. The first is that it is a form of meditation. In ancient times Buddhist and Christian monks, meditated over their scripture as they reproduced them calligraphically.

Today, in the age of computers, the idea of extruding an idea, gradually and mindfully is refreshing and indeed for many eye-opening.

The other aspect of course is self expression. Young people or adults who are troubled and lacking in self esteem can use calligraphy to open up their prospects and re-define the way they are perceived by the world.

Calligraphy is a great confidence builder because it helps the user see an aspect of himself or herself that has never been seen before.

Last but not least calligraphy has been enjoyed and practiced by virtually every civilization under the sun.  From the Arabs to the Japanese and the Chinese.   The Europeans as well as the Hindus in India.
Thanks to the Mercer Free School for being the conduit that beings so many new insights and skills to
the good folks of Mercer County.

Pravin Philip


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