Meditation Group on September 18, 2010

During this past session, we tried to discuss the connection between meditation and everyday life.  However, we probably didn’t spend enough time on the topic.  So, I want to review a few relevant points.  First, during mindfulness meditation, we train ourselves to be aware of subtle changes in the body/mind which are happening at every (present) moment.  This ability is helpful for us to realize how we react to various external/internal information.  By just realizing this, we can reduce, say, craving for things we like and aversion to things we don’t like (without repressing our likes and dislikes).  Even such a small change can make our lives easier and more peaceful.  Then, through informal practice (i.e. trying to be mindful whenever possible during everyday activities, e.g., waiting, walking, eating), we will be able to cultivate the same mental quality even outside formal meditation.   More details are in  our Meditation Guide 3: Meditation and Everyday Life (earlier guides are available on our meditation group page).

The next session will be on Saturday, October 16 from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon in Meeting Room #4 (all the way to the left) at the Lawrence Branch of MCLS (map), not the Lawrence Community Center (where Wellness Expo will be held all day).  The theme of the next session will be “Continuing Practice.”  Let us discuss how to establish regular meditation practice.  As with the past session, we will try to do a relaxation practice, but due to the small size of the room, we will need to see what we can do.

Note:  Since yoga was mentioned during the session, I want to add the following.  Although yoga is most commonly seen in this country as exercise/fitness, yoga (asana/posture) is just a part of the complete spiritual pursuit and was actually developed as a means to maintain appropriate postures for meditation.  There are links to a detailed yoga web site and a free on-line yoga meditation course on our meditation group page.  For a concise introduction, see David Frawley’s Yoga: The Greater Tradition (available at MCLS).


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