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Traits of a Good Teacher (from MFS Newletter Oct. 2012)

In the last newsletter, we questioned the necessity of a teacher. We pointed out that the most important thing for learning is the learners’ selfmotivation. However, it is also true that we can always benefit from good teachers. But who are they? Good teachers would see their students as they are, without judgment or comparing them. Good teachers would let their students work following their natural interests, without coercing them. Good teachers would be responsive and flexible, without being stuck to their own expectations. And, good teachers would let their students be free from anxiety, without using punishments, rewards, or competitions.


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Can We Learn without a Teacher? (from MFS Newsletter Aug. 2012)

Whenever we try to learn something, we normally assume that we need to go to a class, need a teacher, and thus need to pay (often a lot). But wait a minute! Most teacher-led activities are based on the knowledge transfer model, which has been shown to be ineffective. If we recall our best learning experience, wasn’t that something we did on our own, usually with the help of books, web sites, other students, etc.?

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Informal Gathering on June 12

On June 12, there will be three activities held at the Ewing Branch of the Mercer County Library System.  These are Bike Maintenance (10:00-11:30am), Calligraphy (1:00-2:30pm), and Meditation Group (2:00-3:00pm).  So, this seems to be a good occasion for some of us to get together.  The current plan is as follows:

  • Date/Time: Saturday, June 12, 2010/11:45am-12:45pm
  • Place: Near the picnic bench outside the Ewing Branch of Mercer County Library System (If the weather is bad, we can go to a pizzeria, Villa Rosa, in the strip mall down the street.)  [map]
  • Invited: Facilitators, participants, and whoever interested in Mercer Free School

Due to the nature of the school, we are unable to provide food/drink.  However, there are a pizzeria and some other restaurants in the strip mall [map].  So, if desired, one can get her/his lunch within a few minutes of walk.  If you have a question, please send us email.

Please join us!

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Bike Maintenance and Haiku Workshop Rescheduled

Bike Maintenance and Haiku Workshop has been rescheduled as follows:

Bike maintenance, Jun. 12 at 10am, Ewing Branch/MCLS
Haiku, Jun. 7 & 21 at 7pm, Ewing Branch/MCLS

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Free Activities Scheduled at Mercer Free School

The first series of free activities have been scheduled at Mercer Free School as follows:

Bike maintenance, Jun. 12 at 10am (new date/time), Ewing Branch/MCLS
Calligraphy for beginners, Jun. 5 & 12 at 1pm, Ewing Branch/MCLS
Haiku, Jun. 7 & 21 at 7pm (new date/time), Ewing Branch/MCLS
Meditation, Jun. 12 at 2pm, Jul. 7 at 7pm, Aug. 7 at 11am, Ewing Branch/MCLS
Sushi cooking, Jul. 10 at 12pm (new session), Ewing (private home)

In addition, the school has the following upcoming/requested activities: Children’s play group, Computers, Food gardening, Healthy cooking with children, Homeschooling, Household troubleshooting, Hypermiling, Poetry, Self publishing, and more. Interested participants and potential facilitators are invited to contact the school. The list of the activities is available on our activities page.

Mercer Free School (formerly Ewing Free School) was launched in March 2010 to provide the local community in/near Mercer County, NJ a means to share self-motivated learning experience for free. As long as no space/safety/regulatory issues are involved, anyone can facilitate activities and anyone can participate in them. In addition, the school has no physical space and absolutely no budget. Furthermore, it is a “free” school also in the sense that it is not controlled by obligation or the will of another.

For more information, visit us at:

Disclaimer: Permission to use the community rooms/space does not imply library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or program.

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